"Industry 4.0 is not on its way... it's hereAnd if you're not a disruptor, then you're probably being disrupted upon." 

                                          Nate Hansen, 

Host of "Sustain:epreneur Podcast"


                  What is "Impact Strategy" exactly?
It's when companeis decide to shift their business model to align with having a net positive impact. It's the catalyst for the next market disruptor in the new Industrial Revolution 4.0. They go beyond offering just a good quality product that's readily accessible at a reasonable price. You offer them the next
big thing... Positive Impact.  
The new differentiator is positive impact and in order to do
this, you have to know your customers and align your
offering with what is most important to them. Not only
does it create a great marketing opportunity but it gives
you a chance to elevate your brand as a prominent
member of your customer's lives. 
Gone are the days of simply "making a sale". Today, it's
all about "making a believer" out of those who have chosen 
your product to help them solve a problem. It's all about the
"Triple Bottom Line". A three-way "win" between your client's
needs, their community's needs and your need to turn a profit...
and (as the research shows), a reasonably hefty profit at that!




The best part about our podcast is that it's FREE and a great way to get started in sustainable business. We give you first-hand perspectives from  sustain:epreneurs who are already doing it success-fully. Check out our very own Sustain:epreneur Podcast by clicking the button below.



Our courses are designed to help companies transition to becoming a sustainable disruptor. These courses give you all of the basic steps we would use to consult our clients that you can do at your own pace. We start with all the "low hanging fruit" that save you money and have the added benefit of being sustainable.


If you'd rather leave it to the professionals, we have a strong team of sustainable professionals who are ready to make fast work of transforming your company into the sustainable economic powerhouse it was always meant to be. 


We like to practice what we preach. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to pursuing multiple side-projects to promote our message of creating sustainable economic solutions. We're all in this together so we need to do as much as we can for future generations.

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