Our services are set up so that anyone can easily adopt a sustainable business model. We provide an array of services from education and "self-setup" all the way to a fully-executed implementation by our skilled team of impact strategists and through continued support. 

Our "Special Projects" division is a branch of Re:Industries where we invent new cleantech innovations, partner with other organizations on different sustainability projects and provide funding to those who need additional capital in order to move their noble endeavors forward.

Sustain:epreneur Podcast is free and available everywhere you listen to podcasts or just navigate to our podcast page in the menu. Our show is all about bridging the gap between business and sustainability. We give sustainepreneurs a platform to tell their story so they can inspire others to become great change makers.  

Our show hits at the core of what's most important in sustainability... education. It's the alpha and the omega. It all begins and ends with what we can learn from each other and teach from our experiences. 

Our free courses give everyday businesses the ability to meet the standard of sustainability that will save money without having to promote a thing to turn a profit. We cover everything we would provide in our consulting service that is common for most organizations.


These are the steps that provide cost savings and make your operation more sustainable without ever having to promote a thing. These are things like; heating and cooling, waste water and purification, recycling and solid waste, renewable energy and reusable products.

Our paid courses take businesses to the next step of sustianble business into marketing and promotion. This is where an organization must make the conscious decision to pursue a sustainable business model as a differentiator in their industry. These courses spend about 20% of the time on sustainable business practices, 70% on how to market it and 10% on how to collect and measure data. 


These courses get far more in-depth than our free courses and require a more industry specific approach. Our prescreening method helps us provide a customized experience that is curtailed to your specific industry.

For some, the "Do-It-Yourself" approach can be tedious and cumbersome. If that's the case, we have a full line of consulting services that include the initial impact assessment, market research, full sustainable business model implementation, training and continued support.

For those who want to continue the "DIY" philosophy, we provide a more cost effective alternative to traditional face-to-face consulting services in our online and over-the-phone consultation plan. The plans range from 24 hour support to limited hourly access. Everything is customizable to your specifications.

We wouldn't be half as good as we say we were if we didn't "practice what we preach". That's why we dedicate a substantial amount of our profits to creating even more sustainable business solutions. Whether its a product of our own creation, a partnership on a sustainable project or by funding someone else's ethical pursuits, we  make sure to continue our alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals of the Paris Agreement.

Here are some of the "Special Projects" we are working on now. Feel free to click on any one of them to take you to our "Projects" page. And rememeber,

It's time people. "We need to... Re:Think Our World!"


Gina MacIlwraith, MBA
Senior Impact Strategist

Trained in environmental engineering, Gina has spent the majority of her career as a sustainability professional. She has worked with some of the world's biggest corporations, knows how they tick and is passionate about making them more profitable through sustainable business models. She is great at finding and connecting the important pieces of the puzzle that others don’t see. She values integrity, accomplishment and loves an adventure.

Nathan Hansen
Impact Strategist

Nathan is a serial entrepreneur and has founded multiple sustainable projects to include Re:Industries. He spends most of his time pairing the right people with the right jobs and keeping them inspired toward creating solutions for the next ten generations. He enjoys keeping up with new business trends and technology  so that Re:Indsutries can continue to offer its clients superior products to keep them as disruptive as possible. He is currently pursuing his MBA from the University of Montana and an ISSP certification. He is a proud veteran of the United States Navy.

Bradley Layton, PhD, PE
Sustainability Engineer

Dr. Layton is a licensed engineer, a scientist, a former professor, and the author of two books. His latest, "Zero Waste in the Last Best Place" was awarded "editor's choice" by iUniverse, and is currently being considered for film rights. Layton is currently working diligently to spread the adoption of renewable energy, carbon management, engineering blockchains, and to deploy the "pneumatic grid."

Stephon Smith
Financial Analyst

A wizard of financial-operation applications (models) on Microsoft Excel platform for medium to large businesses. He has consulted with and built models for companies across the market spectrum and can adapt many of his models to fit almost any industry. Stephon has earned bachelor's degrees in economics, psychology as well as Honors in energy, mineral, and environmental economics from Penn State University.