Automated Recycling Machine (A.R.M.)

Re:Industries has been working with several universities to make the dream of a "circular economy" a reality. It all begins with sorting household recyclable so that it can be processed into raw materials for local manufacturing. The end goal is to mine landfills. It doesn't make sense that we do it any other way. We have everything we need in the mountain of resources we built right in our backyard.

White Label Group

The "White Label Group" is a social network of consultants who hire each other for individual projects. A lot of us work for ourselves and would rather not add the headache of taking on full time employees. White Label Group, makes it easy to contract experts for anything under the sun that your clients might ask you for. You can take part in some of the bigger projects that typically go to bigger consulting firms. In a way... this makes you your very own consulting firm without having to hire anyone.

Hubster Network

Our mission with the Hubster Network is to bring together all of the most influential movers and shakers in a community to support local companies who are creating local solutions to local sustainability problems with a global mindset. If we're going to take this epic challenge seriously, we're going to need people who are willing to roll up their sleeves and get to work. We don't have a whole lot of time left to waste. The future is going to need more than just leaders... it'll need hubsters.

Time Capsule Project

The Time Capsule Project is still on the drawing board but is a favorite topic of discussion in the boardroom. We would build a brand new (21st century) pyramid and create a time capsule for the next intelligent life forms to find so as to not make the same mistakes we did. It's intention is to raise awareness for the state of emergency we are in. We want people to see it as an acceptance of humanities fate and a sign of preparation for the end. If we see that the end is near, maybe we'll come together to keep it from coming to fruition.